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Patience and Episode 2

Hello hello! I'm really excited to be sending out this video about the necessity of Patience. Allowing myself to be more patient has freed me from a lot of stress that I used to weigh myself down with--when it came to needing to do things more slowly with one hand after my spinal cord injury. Please give this video a view and let me know what your thoughts are on patience. :)

By the way I still haven't figured out yet how to change the display frame for the youtube videos that I upload. I just got extremely extremely lucky to get the "are you kitten me" part of this video. I didn't know it was my birthday today! Look at that little guy. :P

To whoever else might be reading this, have a great week and try to make it a conscious point to incorporate more patience into your life as a possible first step to getting through life's tough times.

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