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Happy Friday! (2 videos)

Hello everyone! First off, I super appreciate all of you that have been checking out this website and that have been interacting with my last couple of posts. I've got another video in the works right now to be released Dec. 23 talking about "Perspective", but for now I wanted to share some other stuff with you.

Yesterday I went out to the soccer field for some training, and I thought while I was there I might as well film some stuff including how I tie my shoes one handed. So I've included videos of both. Let me know what you think!

I hope that as you watch these videos, you are able to reflect on yourself a bit. It took a lot of patience with myself, maintaining a healthy perspective and positive mindset, diligent perseverance, and passion to get to the point where I can move with the ball and tie my shoes with one hand. Theres still much more time and experience that I need to develop these two things, but the 5 P's give me the foundation for a starting point and I think the same could be true for you. Enjoy!

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