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Big Bear + Downtown Los Angeles Night Flight

Good evening, friends! Below is a a video compilation of two different flights: a day trip to Big Bear, plus a night time flight around the Los Angeles basin. I hope you enjoy this video, whether you prefer the tranquil winter-wonderland type of look of big bear, or the dazzling night lighting of the city and office buildings!

As you watch these videos, consider how the 5 P's got me to this point, and think about how you might be able to incorporate the 5 P's into your own life:

(1) Patience: When going through my training, there was so much to learn in general PLUS things that I needed to learn that were specific to flying as an amputee. I had to have patience with myself, my instructor, my passengers, etc as I learned how to properly do everything that I needed to do.

(2) Perspective: When I made mistakes during my training, I had to remember to not get down on myself about things. I had to maintain a healthy perspective to know that things like this take time. I had to keep a healthy perspective on how far I've come in various stages of the training instead of focusing on how much training was left (if there was a lot left.)

(3) Positivity: Throughout my training, I had to maintain positivity in terms of my enthusiasm to keep learning. Also, I had to stay in an affirming mindset to know that I could get through anything that I needed to get through. I had to envision myself doing whatever was necessary for success.

(4) Perseverance: Ultimately, in the face of a tough situation, I had to remind myself to keep going and to not give up. I had to keep practicing. I had to keep spending time in my simulator. I had to keep studying my flashcards and my textbooks. I had to keep thinking of questions to ask my instructor. Endurance is critical.

(5) Passion: A passion for flight is what brought me to the flight school, and is also what gave me reasoning for doing what I was doing. Not only was I passionate about flight, but I was passionate about learning. I was passionate about challenging myself. I was passionate about listening to the wisdom of my instructor. I was passionate about working towards giving others the experience of flying as well.

Try to think about how you can incorporate the 5 P's into your own life, possibly in similar ways as I have. Whether you are applying the 5 P's to your life at work, with your family, with your friendships or other relationships, etc., your first step toward adapting to life's tough circumstances begins with aligning yourself with the 5 P's. Have a great week, friends! Feel free to comment and let me know whats on your mind :)


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