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Motivational thoughts on "Positivity" + a cool soccer video!!

Hey everyone! Well unfortunately this week I'm pretty much spending all available time studying for a final exam that I have coming up on Sunday for my actual pilot's license. After 2 long years of training, I'm doing everything that I can to walk out of this exam-flight successfully. I've got a special bottle of wine waiting to be opened after I succeed. :) Maybe one day after this weekend I can take you up too! So, given this, instead of putting together a rushed motivational video, I thought I'd post this short video I put together of some cool soccer stuff! Hopefully it inspires you to get out there and be active, enjoy your day, go for a walk or a jog, throw the frisbee around with your friend, walk your dog, or--fuck it--walk your cat! It doesn't matter if it's raining, snowing, or whatever are alive today...your heart is beating...your lungs are pumping--so go live! THEN come home, shower off, and go back to being cozy in bed with some warm tea and a movie. LOL

I went to go upload this video to youtube, which then perminately muted the audio because there was "Badfish" by sublime playing in the background. What a bunch of copyright bullies! :) So You can have the music from my website playing while you watch, or your own music, or even use your imagination that "badfish" is playing hahaha. Then after my final exam flight on sunday, I'll shoot and edit my next motivational video about what I think it means to have a positive and affirming mindset, and how a positive mindset carried me through a time of serious crisis.

Some motivational food for thought about this idea before I leave you with this video: no matter what obstacles you are trying to overcome in life right now, it's critical to your success that you truly and "positively" envision yourself doing whatever it is that you have as your end goal. As I've had to change my thought process going through life as a spinal cord injury survivor and full-arm amputee, two things have been crucial when it comes to positivity: (1) having a positive mindset in the sense of being enthusiastic, energetic, and generally up-beat instead of negative, debbie-downer, and angry; and (2) having a positive mindset in the sense of envisioning myself being successful in whatever it was that I was trying to do--"positive" in the sense that I am "positive" that I can do this. I am "positively" certain and confident in my ability to be patient with myself, to maintain a healthy perspective, to persevere however long I will need to, and to do what I'm doing with passion, conviction, and purpose. So as you can see, these are the two meanings of "positive" when I refer to this "P" of the 5-P's. Try to incorporate both of these types/meanings of "positivity" into your decision making and leave some comments below on your thoughts. What other examples of positivity can you think of?


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