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Episode 6: Perseverance

How's it goin, friends? I hope you enjoy this video on "perseverance"! These are some of my thoughts about enduring the turbulent times in the first few years after my spinal cord injury. However! There was light at the end of the tunnel for me, thankfully! As long as I remained driven to keep trying to apply the other 4 P's into my life, while I re-learned a whole laundry list of things, then I would find success through perseverance.

Not only was it important that I try to re-learn something by being resilient, but I needed to develop the willingness to change my approach to re-learning it if things weren't working out a particular way. I hope that you discover that you have the same power within you: to keep going and approach your obstacles from different angles!

Believe in yourself and keep persevering. :)

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