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Episode 8: Passion

Hello everyone! This week's motivational video is all about "passion." What is passion? What does it mean to be passionate about something? What things in life can be gained by staying true to the things that we are passionate about? These questions and more are what I address in this video. In my view, "passion" is the fifth and final "P" in the 5-P system that I've been talking about in previous videos so far: Patience, perspective, positivity, perseverance, and passion. Passion is a super important one I think, because it's what gives us a driving/motivating force behind why we do what we do. Passion is also something that helps us remain true to who we REALLY are on a deeper level in a world full of things that try to tell us who we should be.

Find out how passion helped me get through a really tough time in my life and how it could help you too. Let me know your thoughts! What are your passions and why?

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