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Episode 9: Book in Progress

Hello hello! It's been awhile since my last video, and I'm really sorry! This one is a quick video about the concepts behind the book that I'm working on -- the book that will hopefully help a lot of people get through the tough situations that they're going through. I've been told that I should write a book about the life-changing experiences that I've gone through after my spinal cord injury, and talk about how I eventually got through a lot of the tough times and negativity. Whether or not you and I have gone through similar life experiences, what brings us closer together is that we all must seek to master ourselves by mastering our sense of patience, perspective, positivity, perseverance and passion. I have personally found this to be the road to sucess, happiness, and adaptability. This video also starts to get into what inspired the metaphorical title of the book, which is also the metaphorical title of this series. Please share this video with your friends and family and leave comments/feedback! I'd love to hear your thoughts. Have a great week.

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