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Episode 10: The Clipped Wing

Hey friends! This week's video is about what inspired the "clipped wing" title of this series and the book that I've been working on. A "clipped wing" is something that keeps you from getting where you want to go in life, whether that be fear, anxiety, negativity, cynicism, or generally feeling incapable or powerless. It's interesting how many of the things that prevent us from getting the most out of life are things that are within ourselves, but that we might fail to properly deal with because we're too concerned with whats happening OUTSIDE of ourselves. By focusing on trying to change things that are outside of ourselves or that are out of our control, we are effectively spending energy treating the symptoms of a problem instead of trying to cure the problem all together by going to the source. By focusing on the 5 P's within ourselves: patience, perspective, positivity, perseverance, and passion, we are able to go to the root source of many of the issues in our lives and learn to fly despite our clipped wings.

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