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Episode 11 (pt. 1): Beginnings

Good afternoon everyone! This video is the first of a three-part series that I thought would be cool in order to give you some more background on some of the things that lead up to me putting this series together. In this video, as the title name hints at, I talk about some very important aspects of my life prior to my spinal cord injury. I thought it would be nice to tell some stories about where my intrigue with flight came from, in what ways my dad was so influential in my life, and the role that surfing and riding motorcycles had on the development of my identity.

All of this of course is setting things up for my next video (part 2) to give you an idea of what I lost when my dad died and when I had my life-changing spinal cord injury.

One message that I have for you in this video, is that the things and people that we love and the things that make up who we are can be gone in an instant. We hear all the time about how important it is to not take life or our abilities for granted, but what's equally important is how we respond when something unexpected and devastating DOES happen. Adaptation is just as important as appreciation, and is a different mode of viewing the circumstances in the present moment.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this video! Please leave comments below or send me your thoughts directly by going to the "contact" tab above.

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