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Not feeling nurtured or supported?

Hello Hello! I hope everyone is having a great Saturday today. I've been out of town for the past week, so I'm still putting part 3 together as the sequel to last week's video. However, I did want to share with you a video that has been helping me a lot lately as I have been struggling with members of my family for years on this video's topic and I think

you might be able to use it too.

Speaking from personal experience, sometimes I feel like no matter how much change I go through to become a better person than I was the previous day, I just can't win. What I mean by that, is this:

As I am very open about, I am not a perfect person and have come a long way with learning to become more self aware, more emotionally mature, and more equipped to deal with things like my anger and aggression. Lacking in these skills in the past ultimately prevented me from having conversations that needed to happen in order to build healthy relationships. Years ago, I hurt many very important people in my life including my mom, my brother, and my sister (I have a very small family). Since then, however, as I have gotten better, my mom has learned to not only forgive me but has learned how to meet me in the middle ground and bond together with me. She and I can still butt heads a times, but in the end we seem to return back to center and try to grow from it. My younger siblings, on the other hand fade in and out of meeting me in this middle ground--largely due to their own personal issues and their own struggles with emotional maturity. They fail to understand something that Henry David Thoreau once said: "we are not defined by our challenges, but who we become as we work through them." As a result of them not understanding this, they define who I am today (and the human mistakes that I might still occasionally make today out of anger or passion) IN TERMS OF the angry person who I once was. This affects their tendency (or lack there of) to support me, to accept me, to socialize with me, and to grow with me. In reality, their inability to confront their own emotional struggles leads them to think that my expectations for this support, acceptance, socialization, and growth are too high. It's more convenient of course to avoid pointing the finger somewhere other than yourself, if that's what you've done for years.

As a result, sometimes I watch motivational youtube videos about how to deal with situations like this or others that I can feel incite my old ways of thinking angrily and erratically. This is a great video and I hope it can help you if you feel the same way at times. I've watched this several times in a row. Actually perform the tapping that he is doing, vocalize his words out loud, breathe deeply at the end, and the video will be more effective.

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