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Episode 11 (Pt. 3): In The Clear

Being able to let things go is a really important skill to have--and it's a skill that we all can struggle with sometimes. For me, it can be really difficult sometimes. However, when we finally do let our burdens go, the relief can feel so wonderful. In this episode, there is something for everyone. I talk about letting go of anxieties, fears, and uncertainties and instead choosing to live a different life--a better life--in critical moments beginning with my decision to amputate. The decision to amputate was the decision to leave my burdensome arm in the past, and so I encourage you to choose to "amputate" your own burdens even if that severance seems like a really scary decision to make. You owe it to yourself to let go and to move on, and I believe in your ability to be courageous! I also talk about interesting challenges in my post-amputation life, and leaving anxiety and fear of confrontation behind me whether it came to getting back into sports or going through flight training. What things do you find difficult to let go? Do you think it's more difficult to let go of negative people or negative ideas? Are they one in the same? Let me know your thoughts :)

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