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For employees in the work place, feeling overwhelmed, disillusioned, stressed, or frustrated with their circumstances can really inhibit productivity. Worse yet, without a motivational breath of fresh air, these feelings are highly contageous and can quickly spread into the lives of others in the office. I'm able to share many different personal stories about how I have worked through these same challenging feelings and achieved a healthier state of mind. My stories emphasize how intrapersonal wellness and happiness pour into other facets of life such as at work, family life, friendships, and relationships. 


My aim is to help your employees understand that they are much more capable than they might think that they are--that they all can achieve greatness both individually and as a team. Additionally, a goal of mine is to inspire employees to be more patient with themselves and each other, which encourages independent conflict resolution. By discussing how I have made changes to my sense of perspective in the years after my spinal cord injury, your employees have concrete and clear examples of how to maintain their own healthy perspectives when it comes to their workplace successes and failures. I share stories about how I have adopted a positive affirming mindset into my decision-making, which gives seminar attendees ideas about how to keep their head held high in tough situations of their own. Perseverance is another topic I discuss through personal stories, which employees can recall long after while working through late nights or on large projects. Finally, I talk about incorporating things that I'm passionate about into my life, at least a little bit every day, in order to maintain my sense of identity. This can be very useful for employees who are dedicated to their work, but who could also be at risk for getting burned out. 


Book a seminar with me and together we can improve the human qualities of your business workplace, making it a more positive, constructive, and productive environment. 

​I offer my motivational speaking services to:


  • Corporate retreats

  • Increasing workplace morale

  • Stimulating productivity

  • Professional business meetings

  • Leadership conferences


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