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Intro and Episode 1

Okay first of needs to be said--white elephant in the room--my face looks horrible AND horrified in the default frame of this youtube video. Holy crap. I look like I have a really bad attitude, totally countering the intended positivity of this video. I look like I just discovered that someone took a shit on my desk. :) It seems that I need to just figure out how to change that default frame.


Okay great. Now that that's out of the way...

Alright so my way of talking into the camera has improved a bit, which is great. I had the urge try give my new video editing software a thorough try and I ended up really liking it! "Wondershare" is really awesome and easy to use. Anyway, this video is one that I can say I'm happy with--for a first video at least. It's been really interesting reflecting on the past few years as I put this content together. Looking forward to completing the other half of the book now that I've got this stuff up and running. :) I'm thinking that the next video will elaborate on one of the five P's: patience. To keep the time to a couple minutes max, I'll talking about each of the 5 P's individually like this.

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