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What it looks like to fly

Good afternoon! I recently bought a GoPro camera in order to share with you all some of the activities that i love to do. My thought process behind this was to provide a unique perspective to my motivational content, and give you a "driver's seat" view of what it looks like to do some of the things that I love to do. The hope is that, by helping to expose you to a first-person view of some of these activities, you will see what is possible with the power of the mind and to be inspired to chase after your own dreams and your own purposeful activities. We are all so much more than the things we do for work day in and day out--find your passion and enrich your every day life with what you are passionate about. Be different! Be bold! take risks! Don't spend another second of your life being afraid of the unknown and being afraid of breaking old habits. Sometimes our habits are some of the hardest things to break, even if they are destructive habits. Choose to break your habits, leave your comfort zone, and chase after the things in life that add vibrancy to your life. In the meantime, enjoy this short video of some flying I did recently as I continue to chase after my own purpose. :)

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