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Website progression coming along really nicely

I'm pretty damn excited about the coming-together of the website, the video editing, the youtube channel, and everything linking up mostly correctly at this point. Just a couple more things left to go on the website and I can start quality testing everything on friends and family!

I'm looking forward to the next video and to getting the ball rolling on the release of content. Right now I've got 19 motivational video episodes brainstormed-out, which also feels nice since producing content is really important. One thing that I absolutely cannot wait to put together is footage of me playing video games with one hand. I'm thinking about doing a split screen type of set up for a few different games like titanfall, skyrim, dying light, and farcry 4.

Over the years, some of the greatest moments were whenever I'd go over to parties and sit down to play the communal xbox or playstation with some people who I just met...the looks on their face when I just started playing FPS games one handed all like:

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